Thursday, 18 March 2010

hmm? what?

I have discovered the cure to the mild Monday blues (being the feeling you get, that Monday feeling, that follows a random day off work, for example when the whole country decides it's had enough and needs to watch young people get drunk and litter the towns and cities).
This cure is, so that you don't all think I'm holding out on you, to take two milky, long brewed mugs of tea and wear a Russian officers hat for two hours. Repeat as nessesary if effects are not felt immediatly.

(not quite this one, but very alike, just cheaper looking, circa 1992)
If you're allergic to Russian hats, or milk, then I advise you to seek alternative medicine, but this cure should work for everyone regardless of their alergies.

Today went by, as days do, and has left me feeling mixed, like a cake just before oven time (I want cake).
I feel amazingly happy that tomorrow is the day of Fri when things of one time end and a break begins so that the brain can forget why it was crying for days and days and allows you to be happy a while, but as the same time I'm feeling very stressed that I had a lot of things to do this week and I've really not done any because the week has ended before it told me to start (bloody cheater).

Galway soon! I can hardly believe it! I feel like it was only yesterday I was saying I wish it was tomorrow that I was going (I did say that yesterday, yes, but I also said it Not yesterday so my use of the phrase implys to the latter). Weather is supposed to be not the may west, but country trips are supposed to have a bit of rain, how else do you end up in the awful tiny bar which is clearly someones front room and smells of cabage and dead mouse?

I miss Wexford, and shooting. There is a feeling that you get while hunting, or even just cleaning the gun, some sort of peace that I have very seldom found elsewhere, I know it sounds weird, but everyone has their things they do and one of mine is shooting bottles or pieces of white card with little animals on. It's not macho stuff either, it's just something. Plus I love that I'm not bad at it, it's a sport I actually count in the 'good-at' category. Which I can tell you are not many. And another thing is I don't wear my glasses, AND shoot with my bad eye. Nuts I know, but it seems to work, though I might need to wear my glasses next time, been ages.
The reason I've brought this up is that this past year the GardaĆ­ have brought in new regulations for gun licencing (about time!) which means they actually have you jump through some hoops. I'm really keeping fingers crossed they take my application through, I don't know how many 21/22 year olds are looking for silenced .22 rifles to "hunt". Especially ones from Finglas, here's to hoping they see that I'm a scientist and just say 'oh, he's just weird that's all'.

What else what else.
Have to give a talk in UCD on the 29th of March, going to make for a fun birthday weekend before it! I don't even know what I'm supposed to talk on, been given 7mins to talk about what I'm planning on doing maybe? I think I can do that... Does mean that for any of you that have to talk to me before then I'm going to spend even More time talking about lasers and plasmas and physics crap. Poor you.
But I have to do a poster too, for DCU in June, so I guess this is good, means I will have an easy time putting the poster together.
Amazing how many balls they want me to juggle all at once, wish I'd learned to juggle.
Not that it's just me, everyone gets work loads around abouts the same, just spaced out differently.

I'm really supposed to be doing magnetism, but I was just so happy about discovering the cure that I had to post about it. All day long the day has seemed to be trying to get me down, I figure it was all leading to this ground breaking cure.

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