Friday, 26 March 2010

It's Firday Lunchtime!

And you know what that (apparently) means!
Another blog with your host, me!

So yeah, another week that just flew by. Feels like last weekend was an eon ago.
Had a great time in Galway, went swimming in the hotel's pool, hadn't been swimming in years and had never swam with Odette so that was cool. I'm really a damn poor swimmer from such a prolonged absence of swimming, but I'd love to get back into it. Just, as always, need to get my time management down so I can slot it in somewhere.

I never did anything close to what my new years resolutions were, I should've said no more than 3 drinks a sitting for one. And maybe bought the Wii Fit board before I told myself I'd use it. Damn HMV never having them.

I have a feeling the rice I'm eating isn't good... Damn you rice, you better not kill me.

I've lots and lots to do, and as always I bitch about it almost as much as I work on it.
Here is a list of things I've to get done:
- Magnetism course; end of chapter questions
- Magnetism course; write 6 questions on the course
- Spectroscopy course; catchup on 10 video lectures
- UCD presentation; go through with Enrique, maybe do dummy presentation
- Journal club; read paper and do presentation
- Report; finish up the report I'd put together, finalise PrismSpect model
- JF Labs; correct this weeks reports
- Workshop; redraw laser window holders
- Lab; test motors in vacuum with feed through (chase Nigel up about motor supplies)
- Lab; test newer camera with spectrometer to verify it is the camera rather than spectrometer or PCI board.
- EPS Conference; do poster! OhGod!

Anyway, that's pretty much it, I'm more going through it so I have a list... That and to quantify my bitching.

In other news tomorrow is my day of birth, I will be 22 years breathing for myself, rather than all the breathing I did for other people before. I'm looking forward to seeing some folks and such. Shame it had to be a weekend I'm stuck with lots to do, never makes me feel like having much fun. But I'm sure I will anyway.

Been a pretty crazy week, even though Galway isn't that far away any journey like that makes me feel like I have jetlag, still, 4 hours to get anywhere is a long time, should have just gotten a flight.

I wonder what I will get for my birthday.


Odette said...

That is a long list of things to do, but it'll keep you on your toes eh?! You'll be fine, you're well able to keep on top of those, I know you can <3
I hope that the rice doesn't kill you either, remember in Amadeus' house? Oh sweet jeebus! Unless rice is freshly cooked (or in an m&s salad I won't touch it!) One bitten and all.
Hope you're going to have a lovely birthday hun, I hope you'll like what I got for you :)

Janey said...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to meet up with you for tea! But you do SOUND super busy so I don't feel SO bad now. :)

Zakerius said...

@Eala that's what the rice made me think of, I'm sure it was fine, it's just the smell reminded me.

@NotKatieMcE Haha, no worries. Will catch up with you soon!